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Cuentas, Inc. (OTCQB: CUEN) is a Fin-Tech (Financial Technology) company utilizing technical innovation together with existing and emerging technologies to deliver accessible, efficient & reliable mobile, new-era and traditional financial services to consumers. NXGH is proactively applying technology and compliance requirements to improve the availability, delivery, reliability and utilization of financial services especially to the unbanked, underbanked and underserved segments of today's society. Cuentas, is disrupting the Financial and Telecommunications worlds with a US and Global product called CUENTAS ( , and with its core methods, procedures, contracts and Intellectual Property to achieve this unique disruption as a Fin-Tech company. Cuentas, Inc. as described above, has extensive experience in the communications field together with important acquisitions, agreements and alliances will provide consumers with an end-to-end array of financial and lifestyle applications, processes, products and solutions that have previously been impossible to deliver. NXGH's strategic integrated solutions platform will reshape and improve the financial services industry for mobility and remittance emerging markets.

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Cuentas, Inc.
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