Arik Maimon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Arik Maimon is a founder of the Company and has served as its CEO since its inception. In addition to co-founding the Company and its Next CALA and NxtGn subsidiaries, Mr. Maimon founded the Company's subsidiaries Next Mobile, and M&M. Prior to founding the Company and its subsidiaries, Mr. Maimon founded and ran successful telecommunications companies operating primarily in the United States and Mexico. In 1998, Mr. Maimon founded and ran a privately-held wholesaler of long-distance telecommunications services which, later, under Mr. Maimon's management, grew from a start up to a profitable enterprise with more than $100 million in annual revenues. Mr. Maimon serves on the company's board of directors due to the perspective and experience he brings as our co-founder, Chairman, CEO, and as our largest stockholder.

Michael De Prado

President and Director

Michael A. De Prado is a founder of the Company and has served as its President since its inception. In addition to co-founding the Company, Mr. De Prado co-founded the company's Next CALA subsidiary. Prior to founding the Company and Next CALA, Mr. De Prado spent 20 years in executive positions at various levels of responsibility in the banking, technology, and telecommunications industries. As President of Sales at telecommunications company Radiant/Ntera, Mr. De Prado grew Radiant/Ntera's sales to more than $200 million in annual revenues. At, Mr. De Prado served as President, reporting directing to Michael S. Egan. Mr. De Prado serves on the Company's board of directors due to the perspective and experience he brings as our co-founder, President, and COO.

Ran Daniel

Chief Financial Officer

Ran Daniel has served as Chief Financial Officer since November 23, 2018. He has over 20 years of financial and business management experience, accounting, auditing, business forecasting, M&A, due diligence, SEC regulations and internal control experiences. He was responsible for the financial and accounting functions in several companies and has extensive experience working as a CFO in both rapidly growing companies and publicly traded companies. He has worked with real estate, fashion, high-tech companies as well as remote institutional and high net worth individuals. Ran is licensed as a CPA, CFA and is admitted to practice law in New York. Mr. Daniel is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the United States and Israel, admitted to practice law in the State of New York. Mr. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Bachelor of Accounting and an MBA in Finance from the Hebrew University, as well as a Graduate Degree in Law from the University of Bar-Ilan.

Adiv Baruch

Chief Strategy Officer and Director

Adiv Baruch has been a director of the Company since May 2016 and the Company's Chief Strategy Officer since February 2018. Mr. Baruch serves as Chairman of Jerusalem Technology Investments Ltd. ("JTI"), which is engaged in the business of identifying, investing in, and mentoring emerging software and medical devices technology companies. JTI is a publicly-traded company whose shares are listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. He also currently serves as Chairman of Maayan Ventures, a platform for investments in innovative technology companies, as President of Nyotron, a global cyber technology company, and as Chairman of Covertix, whose patented technology delivers real-time, non-invasive control, protection, and tracking of confidential files. Mr. Baruch has served as a director of the Bank of Jerusalem, and he served as CEO of BOS Better Online Solutions, which, under this leadership, grew into a highly-successful company traded on NASDAQ under the symbol BOSC. Throughout his career, he has championed development and support of new talent in the high tech and entrepreneurial arenas. Mr. Baruch is the Chairman of Ness College, which is a leader in educating Israeli technology professionals and entrepreneurs.

Sylwin Grinman

Chief Operating Officer

Sylwin Grinman brings over 40 years of global leadership experience to Cuentas. Previously, Grinman served as International General Manager at Hoffman Laroche Biomedical in Switzerland, where he led the development and successful patenting of an innovative new ultrasound scanning technology. Prior to Hoffman Laroche Biomedical, he was President of Shiseido Japan Group, a leading cosmetics and pharmaceuticals firm, leading their operations across the European Union.

Grinman holds an Engineering Degree in Bio-Medical Technology and Treatments from Université Paris-Dauphine and École Centrale de Paris.